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Have the confidence to wear what you want and do what you want with the magic of IPL laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

· Throw out that razor and those expensive skin creams.

· The cutting edge Elora machine combines the best IPL technology for the best possible results.

· Your treatment includes a thorough consultation with patch testing performed in all areas on each visit for your comfort and safety.

· Soul Care is a member of The Beauty Therapy Association and a certified IPL therapist.

· You can look forward to six months of hassle-free hair removal. 

· Small, medium or large, there are options to cover every area of the body.

· Each visit includes a professional consultation to make sure you receive the best treatment for your hair and skin type.

· The IPL machine can be adjusted to suit your skin's sensitivity so there'll be minimal irritation.

What can be treated with IPL (intense pulse light)?


Permanent Hair Reduction


What is IPL (intense pulse light) Hair Removal system?
IPL Hair Removal System is a non-invasive light therapy device that uses Intense Pulsed Light, specifically designed to reduce undesired dark hair from all parts of the body.


How does IPL (intense pulse light) remove hair?
IPL uses intense pulsed light to remove hair and prevent hair regrowth. First, a cool gel and a hand held treatment unit are gently applied to the skin. Then in a flash, pulses of light safely penetrate the skin and disable hundreds of hair follicles simultaneously. The hair in the treated area falls out within a week or two. Because the hair follicles receive the light directly, the roots are burnt out. This means that they can no longer function correctly and therefore hair growth is stopped. Hair must be in the growth phase (anagen) which accounts for about 20% at any time, thus multiple treatments are required.


Can all hair, hair colours, skin colours and parts of the body be treated?

The system's unique design offers you customised treatment, according to your hair and skin colour, texture and location on the body including the chin, upper lip, cheeks, legs, arms, under arms, and back - as well as sensitive areas like the nose, chest, breasts and bikini. Blond, grey and white hair cannot be treated. Most skin colours can safely be treated except if there is too much melanin present. Remember that none of these treatments are permanent i.e. Hormones can promote hair growth later on in life, long periods in the sun will cause pigment to reappear and a lot of Red Vein is due to genetics. Redness and Rosacea can be treated effectively in most cases. Several treatments may be necessary to determine the effectiveness for you.


What is IPL (intense pulse light) treatment like?
When a pulse of light is delivered, it appears similar to a camera flash. You may feel a mild sting or pinch, similar to the snap of a rubber band. This soon disappears, and no local anaesthesia or pain medication is required. Following treatment, ice packs may be applied to soothe skin and reduce any discomfort. Your eyes are protected at all times by glasses.


How many treatments are required?
This varies depending upon your hair colour and the location on the body. Several treatments will be needed to cover the hair cycle, although treatment is fast - approximately 2 minutes to treat an upper lip. This will be explained in more detail during your free consultation. Wait approximately 6-8 weeks to allow the next cycle of hair to grow through.


Are there any side effects?
You may experience some short-term side effects. These may include slight reddening of the skin or local swelling which goes down within a few hours. It is rare to develop scarring as the light energy will be selectively absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, leaving the skin unharmed. However, patients with dark skin may develop temporary patches of paler skin. In rare instances there may be some blistering. If you can tolerate waxing you should be fine with IPL.


What is my skin type?

How does your skin respond to the sun?

Type I Always burn, never tan

Type II Always burn, sometimes tan

Type III Sometimes burn, always tan

Type IV Never burn, always tan (Maori/Pacific Island)

Type V Moderately pigmented (Maori/Pacific Island)

Type VI Black (African)


Are there any restrictions on my activity after treatment?
You can return to work the same day. Strictly no exposure of the treated area to UV sunlight or sunbeds during your treatment - a total sunblock should be worn daily.


Who are candidates for treatment?
Most people can be treated with IPL Hair Removal System, your suitability will be discussed during your consultation. If there is any doubt your doctor or dermatologist will be consulted.


How does IPL compare with other hair removal methods?
Electrolysis is a tedious, invasive and painful process which involves inserting needles into each hair follicle and delivering an electrical charge to destroy them one at a time. Electrolysis often requires years of treatment at regular intervals.
IPL non-invasively treats hundreds of hair follicles simultaneously. So in a few minutes, IPL can effectively treat an area which would take over an hour to treat with electrolysis.


How is IPL (Intense pulse light) different from lasers?

Firstly, it is much, much safer. The special filters used protect your skin at all times, targeting only the hairs. Secondly, innovative technology allows customised treatment specifically for your hair and skin colour, texture and body location. This flexible approach to treatment cannot be achieved with any laser or non-invasive method currently available. Thirdly, IPL is FDA Approved.


What do I do before the treatment?

In order to just treat the hair root, it is advisable to shave or clip the hair to 1-2mm in length before the treatment. If you wish to shave the area at home, this may be done 1 week before coming in for a treatment. Do not pluck or wax 6-8 weeks prior to the treatment.


What do I do after the treatment?

We advise using ice compress for 10-20 minutes at a time after a treatment. Makeup may be worn after the treatment, providing there is no cracking or scaling of the skin. If any broken skin, weeping or blistering occurs please contact the clinic, where we may recommend you obtain a prescription of anti-biotic ointment.

It is advisable to use a high factor sunscreen e.g. SPF30, and protect the treated area from exposure to sunlight for 1 month following treatment. Tanning after treatment may enhance melanin regulation, which may result in hyperpigmentation. Aloe vera cream may be applied regularly.

Avoid vigorous exercise, sauna, steam, spa for 48 hours.

Avoid the use of the following products: Glycolic peels, AHA’s, high vitamin A creams, exfoliants, depilatory creams, highly fragranced products, photosensitive medications.


How do I manage hair growth between treatments?

Shaving and cutting is great and will not affect the strength of the hair, or make it grow thicker. Waxing and tweezing will stimulate growth in the hair and must stop. Epiladys, cream depilatories and threading are also discouraged.


Is this suitable for me?


We CAN NOT treat you if you:


Have tanned skin

For your safety it is very important that you have been out of the sun for a least 3 weeks

For your safety it is very important that you have been out of the sun for a least 3 weeks

Use Light sensitizing medication

You will be asked to review a medication list. We may ask you to check with your doctor before treatment if you are using medication from the list.

Fragile and dry skin (from the use of roaccutane)

IPL is not recommended until at least 6 months after you have finished taking roaccutane and 4 weeks after topical retinoic acid.

Diseases stimulated by light

Such as Lupus and Epilepsy. The flashing light can trigger a seizure in some epileptic sufferers.


Treatment should be postponed.




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