Here at soul care we respect your right to privacy.


In order to best process your order or booking, we require information such as your name, email or contact number, delivery address and payment details. Other information will also be collected with your permission from time to time.


We do not sell or supply information you have provided to us unless:

a) In the instance of debt collection we will pass relevant information to such agencies should the need arise.
b) when we detect breach of copyright or fraud, or the theft of our property, or unlawful activity against or upon the website. In this case information will be passed to our legal representatives or with law enforcement agencies.

We retain customer information for accounting and credit records and for communicating with matters related to your purchase or treatments and for general information communications, if you have requested to receive them. We only send information to customers who agree to receive it. We do not send out “spam” to members in any way.


We retain the following information:

c) your full name, physical address, phone number and email address.
d) the name, physical address, phone number of a gift recipient for goods you have purchased for them.
e) the date of purchase and related purchase details.
f) the Internet Service Provider (ISP) used by you to connect to


This information is stored in a password accessed secure accounting database.