You may pay for your order using valid Visa or MasterCard. You can pay for your goods online or by phone.

By using your credit card to purchase goods you warrant that:
a) you are the legal owner of the card and the details of which you have provided on the order are correct and valid.
b) you are in the possession of your card at the time of ordering and you have not misplaced the card, nor has the card been stolen or cancelled.
c) you have sufficient funds on the card quoted in order to complete the purchase.
d) the order you are placing is a bona-fide order which you have every intention of completing.

If you choose to order online, we will send you through and email to the address supplied an automatically generated email to notify that we have received your order. This notice does not guarantee that the order is confirmed or approved.

Credit cards are the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to pay when shopping online. I am an online shopper myself and so I can completely understand the apprehension first time shoppers can have with regards to entering credit card details online. Because of this, I have spent a considerable amount of time ensuring that you (my customers) are offered the best protection possible when using your credit card to make purchases.