toes only $35 | fingers only $35 | fingers & toes $60

Its best feature is that after a couple of minutes of each coat being “cured” under LED light, it’s dry! Not just touch dry, but tapping on the table, fish your keys from your handbag dry – no smudges, no dents, no smell. Put your boots on and leave your jandals at home.

For a polish guaranteed to last up to 2 weeks, (at least 4 weeks on toes) SHELLAC is ideal.

GO30 personal-fit nail system Full set $50

Treat your nails to the new GO30 personal-fit nail system. Faster and cheaper than traditional acrylic or gel.

Chemical free & requires virtually no ongoing maintenance. No more backfills or filing.

Precision– designed to perfectly replicate your nails.

Sole essential Callus treatment $30

A treatment crafted to suit the condition of your feet & objectives.

Includes unique, intensive treatment using a rich, moisturising formula that penetrates deep into hardened skin. Nourishes and smooths tough skin without irritation.

Breaks down calluses in just 10 minutes. The easiest and most convenient way to remove tough calluses.

Add $15 for a OPI GEL POLISH.