Each and every candle is individually hand wicked, hand poured and hand packaged. We only use high quality natural soy wax which is then blended with quality fragrance oils for that perfect scent. Perfect if you love beautiful decor or even as a gift.

Our candles are all made to order so please allow up to 5 days for dispatch.

  • Candle height measures approximately (in cm) (H)9, (D)3, (W)9


This exquisite votive goes well with varied home decors, making this candle an ideal gift for birthday, wedding, housewarming, thank you and any other special occasions.

Due to our candles being handmade they may differ slightly from pictures and have minor imperfections. Soy wax can frost at times and you might see white marks on your candle. This is more visible in our coloured candles. Keep your candle out of direct sunlight, especially in warmer months. Our candles are made for decorative purposes, however if you do wish to burn these – please make sure you have a drip tray under your candle and never leave unattended.


Bring your used, loved candle containers back for a refill. All our containers and packaging are recyclable.