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Brow Magic Pencil


Perfect brows made easy.

Brow pencil containing Biotin to help re-grow dormant hair follicles. Firm pencil and 1.5mm tip allows precise definition and shape. Glides on velvety smooth. No sharpening required and a brush on the opposite end leaves no hairs out of place. One colour flatters all.



Pegasus Liquid Eyeliner


Perfect eyes made easy.

Black liquid eyeliner. The water resistant formula glides on smoothly and the super fine felt tip allows for perfect and precise application. Small ball bearings inside the pen allow a constant flow of liquid when applying. Smudge proof, quick drying and easy to use.



Unicorn Champagne Highlighter


Unicorn Champagne Highlighter.

With an ombre pressed powder ranging from low shimmer champagne to high shimmer champagne for the best and fairest highlighter in the land.



Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer


Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer.

Silky smooth and multi-purpose. With a bronzing ombre pressed powder ranging from light to dark bronze for a summer bronzed glow or a soft contour.


White Knight Mascara


Rescuing skinny and short lashes

Tubular mascara with 3 growth ingredients-Peptide, Biotin and L-Arginine. Dual brush featurevolumising leaving more product on for a thicker coverage, and lengthening removes more product for a thin, natural coat. Semi-waterproof, comes off in tubes rather than liquifying. No panda eyes EVER!


Zebra Brow Gel


Tame those wild brows!

Clear brow gel will give brows natural shape and shine and keep them behaving nicely all day. Fine bristles spread gel evenly and precisely. Water resistant.